kamilė česnavičiūtė
born in Vilnius, Lithuania, 1996
currently living and working in Groningen, Netherlands


Kamilė was born at home, in a bathtub now at her grandmother’s apartment in Vilnius. She went to a nice school and always wanted to study arts and so she did, in the Netherlands… Enough of bio. I like to paint big and bright so it would catch your eye and I could set the mood, the atmosphere. I do big colorful figures in various scenes, usually something is in contrast, maybe even funny, at first sight. The details in the paintings are to draw you in, to look closer or to look back, that is up to you. It interests me how we are treating ourselves and each other. I am intrigued and concerned with our community, social classes, power relations, human condition and positions. My work comes out by noticing all of that in casual daily conversations or situations. It all becomes some reflection of the times, the now. 

*all works are for sale, any and all business is first discussed via email info@kamilecesna.com . You can ask for a specific price of a work, order a commissioned work or ask for a print of a painting. Feel free to ask any additional questions.*