kamilė česnavičiūtė
born in Vilnius, Lithuania, 1996
currently living and working in Groningen, Netherlands


My work is a search for a changed reality in a multitude of ways. Usually I work on imagery like paintings, but I am also looking for other ways to express my ideas. The imagery that comes out is saturated in the field of color with addition of graphic elements, yet not visually complicated, but always with a narrative behind it. Inspiration can come from the surrounding community or a passing of global events. Interests and motivations range from everyday things, experiences, existence, reality checks and escapism, and overall working class themes.

To carry a story for my paintings I use drawing elements in my figures and objects, where I can create focus points for a narrative to develop. I love to use bright color as a tool to produce the atmosphere and mood for the work. I do it by following my sense of pigment and intuition. Colors and silhouettes help me to create a blunt and perverted reality where I offer an escape from a mundane visual in order to clear the head. To me this mostly means clarity, but could also overlap into an escape. Mostly my paintings result in a ‘funny’ scene.

A fear of my own emptiness fuels me to question my own basis of actuality and seek answers. Sometimes I find myself thinking of how to escape this reality or find actual meaning in a world so cruel and filled with nonsense. Emotions can be a big part of an emerging idea for a piece. Occasionally it comes from irritation and anger, in low times from apathy, but also can come from connection or humor. It varies. Oftentimes I like to work with analogy aspects that reflect our life into a painted life. It becomes a relation between the existing here and finding a way to escape. Even though my narratives are about humans, I never consider identity as part of my paintings, I like to generalize. 

I am slowly taking steps in creating interactive moments or a look that is not as traditional for painting. In addition I strive to work more collectively and interact either through my painting or another material. To progress in my own work, it is vital to seek community and relate to others. Searching for reality can be very productive while working together. To conclude, I realize that I make work that reflects relations between people or reality.

*all works are for sale, any and all business is first discussed via email info@kamilecesna.com . You can ask for a specific price of a work, order a commissioned work or ask for a print of a painting (if available). Feel free to ask any additional questions.*